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Stardream Lake Tourism Town

, Andoung Tuek, Botum Sakor, Koh Kong
Sale price from $35,640 $360/m2
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Stardream Lake Tourism Town(Plot Land)

Coastal City - Stardream Lake Tourism Town is one of the properties of the Stardream system which is developed by the Coastal City. The property is located in the core area of on the coast of Koh Kong Province in Cambodia. It is a complex residential development plan of villas with the blue ocean and lake appear to be a ecological theme. The community adheres to the concept of “ecology, life and living”.
The developer of the project had an insight of the homeowners' dream of living by the coast therefore he builds a new foundation for a new cultural tourism.

The development of Stardream Lake Tourism Town covers an area of 248 hectares of land which is planned to include an ecological park and two lakes in the future. The project will be built after the completion of its green spaces, natural ecology, and pristine beaches to lay the foundations of an entrepreneurial community and leisure tourism. The Stardream Lake Tourism Town’s expansive land area allows it the space to create a small business center within its vicinity. This project, the biggest to come to the area yet, will soon propel the Koh Kong province as a new investment hotspot in Cambodia, and perhaps even South East Asia.

The first phase of the Stardream Lake Tourism Town is a fashion/commercial district, followed by a second phase landmarked with a Moon Lake night market and a central Chinese-style commercial area. The third phase will be allocated to a specialty entertainment city.

Properties within the Stardream Lake Tourism Town are expertly designed to incorporate modern construction practices - a detailed testament to the developer’s long-term commitment to the project. Commercial units are specially allotted with roof terraces so that each commercial unit can have a beautiful sea view and allow owners to hold multiple functions on it. This area’s chief design principle seeks to create a good atmosphere where residents may gather and enjoy the ways of leisure shopping and living.

The Stardream Lake Tourism Town is designed to take advantage of Koh Kong’s many natural features. Its hilly terrain, especially, creates a beautiful sort of imperfection; giving residents a different vantage point at different areas (and elevations!) within it. Soon enough, the Stardream Lake Tourism Town will attract people from different walks of life to become a vibrant, and perhaps even a leading special city in Koh Kong.

The Stardream Lake Tourism Town meets the myriad of expectations of Cambodia’s increasingly diverse set of buyers. Its beautiful and warm atmosphere, exquisitely matched with a complex design that pays homage to its natural beauty, sets itself as the foundation of new ideas and dreams. Not only does it create a space for residential comfort, but constructs a lively business area at the same time. The Stardream Lake Tourism Town provides plenty for property seekers in Cambodia and across the region - a full-dimensional lifestyle.


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Total units: 517 Unit type: Land
Title: Long-Term Leasehold Developer: Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd.

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