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Year End Property Sale Event - FAQ


Before You Register

  1. What is Year End Property Sale?
    Year End Property Sale is THE BIGGEST PROPERTY SALES EVENT IN 2020 in Cambodia. You will be able to secure a special deal on any new development projects and resale properties listed on the Year End Property Sale 2020 website within a limited time.
  2. When is the Year End Property Sale ?
    The event website will be live for registration from 27 October but interested buyers may only start making reservations from 27 November till 31 December 2020.
  3. Is Year End Property Sale free of charge?
    Both registration and participation are completely free of charge during the Year End Property Sale.
  4. Do I need to register prior to participate in the Year End Property Sale?
    Yes, you will need to register in order to participate in the event to enjoy exclusive discounts. The registration process is very simple by filling in a short form.
  5. Will I be able to get the same discounts after Year End Property Sale?
    No, the special discounts for the Year End Property Sale will be only available during the event period from 27 November to 31 December 2020.
  6. Who are considered eligible buyers for this sale?
    Anyone can participate in the event and reserve their interested developments/resale properties. There is no restriction on who can participate in the event. Though we must let foreign buyers know that foreigners are not allowed to own a landed property in Cambodia under their name. suggests purchasing property with a Strata Title (common among condominiums units available during Year End Property Sale).

Developer and Discount

  1. How many developers are there in the event?
    There will be up to 60 selected developers including popular boreys and condominium developments.
  2. How many re-sale properties are there in the event?
    There will be up to 40 selected resale properties including lands with exclusive promotions for sale during the event.

Financial and Legal Support

  1. Are there financial loans availlable ?
    Yes, it is available. If you want to talk to a loan provider, we can have them contact you right after you reserve the properties. We also advise inquiring if the development you're interested in is offering their own loan/financing assistance programs.

Making a reservation

  1. If I have problem with internet connection, would I be able to call in to reserve my property?
    If you have an internet connection issue, you can contact us at: +855 9292 1000. By making this call, we can also help guide you through the event and help you with reserving any property you like.
  2. What if I don't buy the reserved property after paying the reservation fee? Can I get my money back?
    Yes. If you do not wish to proceed with purchasing the relevant property that you reserved, you have until the Discount Expiry Date (14 days after the property sale event ends) to notify us in writing that you are not purchasing a property and we will fully refund your Reservation Fee. Requests for refund must be emailed to
  3. What happens after I pay my reservation fee?
    Your reservation fee will secure the exclusive discount for the property you reserved. will connect you with the developer/property owner after your booking.
  4. Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?
    Yes, upon agreement with the developer.
  5. Can I switch to a different condo after my booking is confirmed?
    Yes, upon agreement with the developer.
  6. If I find a better deal with an agency, would you price match?
    No. We would not price match as we are obtaining the best discount from the developer. However, if the agency that is resgistered for Year End Property Sale have found a method to gamify the system, we would permanently ban the agency from participating in any future Year End Property Sales events.
  7. Can I make a reservation after the event ends?
    Unfortunately, reservations will no longer be accepted once the event ends. So please make sure that you make a reservation for each property you’re interested in before the event ends or the property is sold out.
  8. I made a reservation for the wrong development, what can I do?
    Please contact us via the live chat immediately or contact us if this happens so we can refund the amount to you as soon as possible.
  9. What happens when the event finishes?
    Once the event is over, all reservations will be sent to the developers who will contact you to progress your inquiry. At the end of the event, no more reservations will be accepted and discounts will be withdrawn.

Payment Questions

  1. Is it safe to pay money on your site?
    It is 100% safe and secure to pay your reservatiion fee in the event. is a legally registered digital marketing company and we are the number 1 biggest portal in Cambodia. We have been operating in Cambodia since 2009. Ever since, we have assisted a great number of local and international property seekers in finding the right property for their needs. Our office is at street 63 corncer street 302 BKK1, Phnom Penh. You can also visit us via our offical website and other social media channels.
  2. What payments do you accept?
    We accept payments in US dollars via Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, and ABA PayWay.
  3. I can't scan ABA code, what should i do?
    We also accept payments in US dollars via Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay.
  4. If I don't have any of these payment methods, what can I do?
    You may transfer directly to our ABA bank account. No VAT charges applied. Name: O'sullivan Thomas Francis | Account: 000133047
  5. After paying the reservation fee, can I claim a refund immediately?
    Yes, you have until the Discount Expiry Date (14 days after the property sale event ends) to notify us in writing that you are not purchasing a property and we will fully refund your Reservation Fee. Requests for refund must be emailed to We will process your refund within 14 working days.
  6. Is there any official confirmation about my reservation payment?
    Confirmation of your payment(s) will be issued by your payment gateway of choice. All payment gateways we accept are secured and 100% safe.
  7. Will this $500 reservation fee be deducted from the property price I purchase?
    The $500 reservation fee will be part of the total property sale price. For example, if the total price of the property is $50,000, you only need to pay $49,500.